Meant to be Modest Swimwear
"vessels for honor" 2 Timothy 2:21
One of my favorite resources on Biblical modesty has been Jeff Pollard's booklet
"Christian Modesty and the Public Undressing of America."  
He has done an in-depth study into God's standards of dress in Scripture ~ absolutely fascinating!  
I'm very excited at having found this treasure to download for free; here is the link:
Christian Modesty
Please take time to read this very important booklet! If you've ever struggled with knowing what the Bible really says about modesty,
this will bring clarity.
How swimsuits fit
Typically, ladies' swimsuits fit snugly around the top of the body so that they stay in place in the water.  I have  found over
the years that finishing them about 2"
smaller than the body measurements gives a very comfortable, functional fit without
being tight.  However, you may prefer a little more room or, if you're particularly active in the water you may prefer it a bit
tighter.  With my custom-made suits you can tell me on the order form exactly what you'd like!

For girls I generally finish the suits close to their measurements.  This way they fit well but give some "grow room" too.  

For all sizes you can see on the
Size Charts exactly what the finished measurements are.

These are just suggestions; it's entirely up to you to choose on the order form how they'll fit.  And of course, we're always here
to answer your questions if you need more help!
Shipping time:
August through February - one to two weeks from date of order
March through July - Three weeks from date of order

Rush Orders:       
If you need your suit faster during the busy time of year, check the "Rush Order" box on the order form.  Suits will be
shipped in one week; faster if you really need it!  Rush order charges are $10 for the first suit and $5 for each additional

Shipping Cost:
We ship US orders via Priority Mail, which has a delivery time of 2-3 days.  We can usually fit up to two suits or one
plus-size suit in a $7.00 package.  Larger orders are shipped for $10 and up.  Of course, we can ship overnight if you're
REALLY in a hurry; the charge for that is around $65.

We love to ship internationally!  Contact me for a price quote; generally international orders ship via First Class
International Mail with a delivery time of 1-2 weeks depending on your location.
We can't stress enough how important it is to carefully read the "How to Measure" page
and to measure exactly the way it's shown.
Accurate measurements make the difference between a suit you absolutely love and one that you
don't want to wear.
 Read over all info on the site!  It's imperative to learn how they fit, how to measure and what info you need to
gather before ordering.  Swimsuits are a close-fitting garment so although Lycra stretches, accurate measurements are vital!
 Contact us to ask any questions you may have.  We want to help!
 Choose your style from the Swimsuits page and gather the necessary information.
 Choose your fabric from the Lycra Prints page
 Fill our order form and email to