Lycra Prints
I highly recommend a product called "Suit Saver".  It removes chlorine from your swimsuit, which will keep the colors bright
longer.  Chlorine can also damage the spandex fibers and make the suit lose its elasticity.  Each little bottle contains 50 uses.  
Can be ordered from Amazon by clicking on the link above.
"Radiant Red"
Spunky and bright!
Dots are approx. 2" across.
"Hawaiian Meadow"
The colors much nicer than the picture shows.
Soft lime green background.  Solid brown is the
perfect match.
"Lime Swirl"
"Vintage Orange"
Solid orange or pink leggings look great
with this.
"Cotton Candy"
There appears to be purple but the print
only has pink, brown, tan and black.  Solid
black, brown or pink leggings go well.
"Summer Citrus"
Orange, fuchsia, pink or lime green leggings
look great with this!
"Groovy Flowers"
What a fun print!  Fuchsia, orange, purple
or lime green leggings match great!
Bright, pretty colors.  (6" ruler)
Matching solids are orange, lime green, and
"Cool Breeze"
Turquoise or pink leggings are a good match.
If you'd like to find something different, look at these suppliers' Ebay stores:  Happy Joy Time Fabrics or Lycra4Sale.  
Be sure the description says "nylon lycra" or the item information says it's swimsuit fabric.
Purchase it and ask them to ship it directly to me, and I will discount the price of your suit (see price charts).
Normally it's sold in two-yard increments which is just the right amount for most suits except plus-sizes.  Please ask us if you're
not sure or if you'll be ordering a border print or something out of the ordinary or want extra lengths for skirt or leggings..
Let me know if you want any leftover fabric; extra shipping may apply.
"Island Shadows"
Elegant print featuring darker brown on black
"Blue Lagoon"
Solid navy or royal blue pairs beautifully with this.  
The actual print is somewhat darker.
"Pink on the Dot"
"Green on the Dot"
Solid black or lime green go perfectly!
"Tickled Pink"
My solid pink matches the lighter pink of the flowers.
"Lush Lilac"
This leans more towards pink than purple; I cannot
get it to show properly in a picture!  I'm always
willing to send a swatch.
"Tie Dye Swirl"
Matching solids: turquoise, pink,
royal blue, orange
"Seaside Sunrise"
Pink, orange and black solids will be adorable
with this.
"Rainbow Waves"
Matching solids: Lime green, pink, fuchsia, orange
and turquoise
"Navy Dots"
Matching solid is navy blue
Navy Blue
Dark Lavender
Dark Brown
Lime Green
Light Pink
Royal Blue
Solids --Please note the colors are as close as possible but not exact.  
"Trendy Tribal"
Beautiful print with great colors.  Matching solids
are turquoise, navy and even orange!
"Perfect Storm"
Matching solids are Black, Royal Blue and
"Very Berry"
Matching solids are Fuchsia and
"Coral Islands"
Shades of coral and soft green.  Looking for a matching
solid, but matching leggings would be beautiful, too.
"Emerald Isle"
Pretty green blooms on a dark green
"Pastel Blooms" (lighter weight)
Matching solids: black, fuchsia, turquoise
"Take a Dip"
Matching solids: Turquoise, fuchsia, orange, pink
"Drop in the Ocean"
Matching solid: Black
"Chasing Rainbows"
Matching solids: Turquoise, navy, lavender, lime
"Garden Stroll"
Matching solids are Fuchsia and Lime