Girls Ready Made Suits
Please note:  these suits may not have the exact measurements as the size charts, although they will be
close.  If you like I'll be happy to measure them for you.  
Unless otherwise marked, suits are Style #1 (seam at waist).

To order:
  • Choose suit.  Click on pictures to enlarge them; note the number next to the suit.
  • Fill out an order form
  • Choose leggings color on order form.  A few have matching leggings but for most you'll need to choose a solid color.
  • At the bottom of the form in the "Note" section list the suit number/s you would like.
  • Prices are the same as other suits.  These are all brand new suits!
Size 14
Size 12
Size 10
Size 8
Swim Top
Swim Top
Swim Top
Swim Top