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Ordering Separates
Enter your actual body measurements in the appropriate boxes for each separate piece you
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those listed in the chart on the
Separates page.
Please see "How to Measure" page for measuring instructions.
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Swim Top
Options you may choose include a sleeveless top and a V-neckline; if you'd like either of these please note in the comment box
at bottom of page.  There is no charge for either!
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Swim Skirt
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Hem Weights
Once in a while I've had customers concerned about skirts floating up in the water.  It's generally not a problem and hasn't
been for my girls and me but for those who don't want it to happen at all I have a solution...
hem weights!  Tiny half-ounce
lead-free weights sewn into the side seams of the skirt at the hem is all it takes to be confident that no floating will occur.  If
you would like to add this option, check the box below.
This option will add $3.00 to the price of your suit.
*Required* By checking this box I verify that I understand it is my
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