All styles come with leggings in your choice of matching print or coordinating solid.

Ties may be added to any style.  They are sewn into the side seams and may be tied either in front or in back.

All tops are lined for modesty, but here is NO support built into the suits.  If that's a concern for you, it works very well to wear your own bra under the suit or you can
purchase a swim bra.
Style #2
Empire waist.  Skirt flows
from just under the bust.
Shown with contrasting ties which can
be tied in front or in back.
Style #3
No Seam
Elegant, flowing style
Cut generously at waist for
no cling.
Nursing Suit
Front section is open at the bottom,
allowing access to pull-down nursing
lining inside.  I recommend ties at
the empire waist to keep the suit snug
under the bust.
Maternity Suit
The front skirt can be cut 3" longer to
fit a growing tummy.
Leggings include a maternity panel.
(Sleeves and Skirt shown are longer
than standard lengths)
For more info go to
"Separates" page.
For finished measurements of all styles, see "Size Charts" page.
Style #1
Seam at natural waist, with a
slight dip in the center
Shown with slightly longer skirt,
shorter leggings
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This is the Nursing Suit top with the
front layer folded back, showing the
pull-down lining.
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